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Wedding & Corporation Videographers

Creating and capturing unique moments.


Unique Video Experience. Captivating moments & Creating commercial awareness.

We are a small team of videographers and video editors. Our vision is to create cinematic and stylish video experiences to capture wonderful moments and help you forge memories. I am available for hire to work on either commercial, weddings, or corporation videos. I typically work alone or with a couple of assistant depending on the nature of the production.

Based in London, we can cover any location in the UK and offer the hights standards of quality with a luxury finishing at an affordable price. Our goal is to deliver video experiences that make your company and video stand out, delivering pieces of timeless art that will never be out of fashion. Quality videos never look old. Among our selection of services, we stand out as corporate and wedding videographers, but we also offer event, food and drink, fashion and real estate videos.

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Wedding Videography

Film your special day in a unique and unforgettable way. We will help you capture your timeless memories. We offer unique and affordable solutions for those who are getting married as we want to support couples in their new journey together. That being said, our wedding rates are affordable as our mission is to provide couples with unforgettable videos of their magic day. Wedding videographers can be expensive and unaffordable to many however we want to offer everyone the possibility of having a gorgeous video of their wedding day.

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Corporate & Events Video

Video commercials showcase a very important part of your business or advertising. Creating quality and professional video to show your companies values would help you communicate. We always come up with unique and creative video ideas to support or polish your commercial video production. Our small team is now only famous for its filming passion but also because of its unique way to understand every client which ultimately ensures we always live up to our customers’ expectations.

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Commercial Videos

We produce and specialised commercial videos for brands and products regardless of the size of your company or your projects, we have budgets for all sizes. Commercial video require more than just recording but a skillset of filming, experience producing different video style and creativity.

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Events Videos

We always provide our customers with more than just a video, we want to deliver a story from your event, we are not just a video production company filled with videographer, we are storytellers whose mission is to capture our clients´ vission and message and spread it across. With the rise of video marketing, event productions have become very demanded as a way of self promotion and at the same of recording company ́s activities and promoting culture values. Our event packages come with several options such post and pre-wedding video or full love story, you can read more here.

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Fashion Videos

We cover the whole wide range of fashion video production from launching a new clothing range to a catwalk. Fashion video production for catwalk or clothing range launch are very popular these dates as they have become a great source for social media promotion. At Millennial Studios, our directors is a fashion passionate who enjoys fashion as much as filming and has infected all the team with a passion for fashion videography. If you have a fashion presentation or launching your new collection, we will be more happy to cover your event in a cost effective manner.

Fashion video production
The Creative Process 50% of small and medium businesses invest in the following and similar products
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We identify what message you would like to convey and with our expertise we build a creative concept and brainstorm to come up with a video script that will suit your company values and increase brand awareness, customer engagement and a creative touch.

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We always try to capture as much footage as possible to ensure that we possess a big amount a clips to deliver the best quality. Before we will be in touch to ensure on the day the shoot goes smooth and remain cost effective.

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After the shooting we will start the editing process, our directors' cut is always free but if you wish to have a custom finished video content, please let us know. The post-production process will include editing of the raw footage, adding background music, transition, dubbing if necessary. Any other post-production requirements, please let us know, we can accommodate any needs.

We are unique

How we work

We will speak to you first to understand your goals and your vision then we will research and afterwards brainstorm to provide you with our creative input and then after that, we will discuss the final project. We also have a flexible approach and put our client needs and vision first regardless of our vision as delivering a video you love is our main priority.

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What we believe

We are storytellers, creatives, filmmakers, dreamers and above all we want to become the best at what we do. We are ambitious and always go above and beyond to live up to our customers expectations. If you are looking for a committed and creative video production company, we are very confident we can become your partner.

We are unique

Latest technology

We are ahead of the trends and have the latest technology to ensure we deliver highest quality videos, from high end sound and lighting equipment to drones and black magic 4k cameras, we love gadgtes because they deliver better results for our clients.

Create and Dream

World class video

Our videos always want to be world class and we aim to create the best corporate videos in the world. Our passion for filming give us an edge when it comes to

Let's work together

Let's work together

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to be on camera

We specialise in building quality and meaningful promotional videos that communicate your company’s values and speak directly to your customers. Our creative spirit and sympathetic heart have always helped us understand our client's vision and goals.

Do you have a project opportunity, or are you just a looking to get creative solutions?

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