Social Media Video Production

Social media and digital marketing are orbiting fastly toward video. Recently video marketing has become very popular and one of the modern marketer´s favourite tools.

Nowadays users consume more video than any other format online. Actually, video marketing is probably the most powerful medium for self-promotion and the most engagement marketing format at the moment.

Property Video Production

As technology is advancing faster and faster each year, it has helped us (videographers and video production companies) create amazing property video production for our clients in a more cost-effective way.

Back in the days, real estate video production was recorded on VHS tapes and there were no drones or special lighting other than natural light.

Real estate videos are very powerful and have a great impact on increasing property sales due to its effectiveness on reaching a large audience and showcasing a property.

Best College Commercials of All Time

Nowadays commercials need to be creative to actually stand out in a world where people are exposed to thousands of promotional and advertising materials every day. Colleges commercials have been traditionally dull but even the educational field is getting more competitive and needs to be up-to-date with market trends. Unlike past college commercials which were a boring showcase of the facilities, these days they have to be able to make themselves stand out.