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Conference Video Production

At Millennial Studios, we often receive request and clients proposals for conference videos. The demand for these sort of productions has raised in the last few years thanks partly to social media and a boom of experiential and participation marketing. Companies are investing more in conference marketing as a way to attract and build more customer loyalty.

Conference videos are amongst the most demanded productions as they provide a great opportunity to promote a brand, build customer engagement and at the same time deliver memorable marketing content. Events are perfect as they subtly promote a company and showcase an conference that would ideally deliver corporate values. Below I have listed the best conference videos according to different criteria such as attractiveness, viewers engagement, originality.

Best Conference Videos

1. The leadership conference

This is by far the best video conference I have seen. It is an absolute masterpiece that combines the most important aspects of a promotional video: appealing, exciting, catchy, entertaining, promotional. It starts with a motivational speaker in black and white and then it drives viewers through all the aspects and features of the conference. By doing so, it convincingly catches viewers attention as the voice over, the powerful message and the uplifting music is very appealing and at the same it manages to communicate characteristics such as powerful, confidence, motivation, leadership, uniqueness.

2. Lollapalooza Festival – Drive engagement

For those who are not familiar with the festival scene in America, Lollapalooza is a four-day festival that takes place annually at Grant Park in Chicago and some of the most renowned artist play for an estimated audience of over 400,000 people.

Lollapalooza festival manages to capture the emotions and essence of the conference by perfectly timing unveiling all the activities and fun that can be experienced at one of the most world-known music festivals. The main purpose of this videos is self-promotion, therefore it has to enthuse viewers and excite potential consumers. The main reason why I have chosen this video is that it can make a perfect example to learn from when it comes to promoting conferences and creating engagement.

3. Hackathon

This video stands out especially because of its magnificent intro which is at the same time the reason why I decided to list it. It is important not only to capture lots of great action but also to ultimately create a film that stands out and satisfies clients. In order to create videos that stand out from the crowd, this usually requires great intro, music, effects and transition as well as an impeccable filming technique. Hackathon is not just beautifully filmed and edited, it is also catchy, attractive and entertaining. What else would you ask for your conference video?

4. Passion 2018

Fast and energetic video that transport viewers with a fast motion from one aspect to another of the conference. It is a very powerful video that effectively attracts viewers. It displays some of the qualities that make an conference video effective:

  1. Attention driven
  2. Catchy
  3. Powerful
  4. Perfectly unveiling the action
  5. Inspiration
  6. Uplifting
  7. Original

An conference video has to communicate the right message to the right audience.

5. Salesforce, Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco

Salesforce, the American corporation known by its CRM systems, organized a conference in San Francisco where over 170,000 people attended. The video makes a perfect example of how to shot a conference video and displays a perfect balance between promotion and excitement without being too overly commercial. It shows a great mixture of slow and fast motion combined with interview scenes, live-action and candid conference images. The conference filming style shows a standardised and widely appealing video example that can be useful for inspiration. Many times, conference videos don’t really need to be extremely creative but they have to be effective and communicate the right message to their audience as well as being able to deliver the message and values that your company stands for.

6. Holi Festival of Colours – Excitement and appealing

If you are not familiar with the India culture, you might have not heard from the Holi Festival which is a popular ancient Hindu celebration, known also as festival of colours, it celebrates the arrival of spring. It is usually celebrated during the evening of the Purnima which is around the middle of March in the Gregorian calendar. But this kind of celebration has become very popular worldwide for its colourfulness and nowadays it has been exported as a regular conference and applied to music festivals.

At Holi Festival of London, people from every culture gather to listen to music and get covered in powder paint, this produces a really eye catching images and thrills all the participants. I have listed this video because it is really appealing which helped it go viral on social media and ultimately increase the number of participants on these kind conferences.

7. B2B Marketing Exchange 2019 – Camera Action

B2B Exchange is not only a marketing conference that has over 30 speakers from all over the world but it is also one of the most notable networking conference of the year. This is one of the leading B2B marketing conferences, dealing with hot trending topics in the industry such as Demand Generation, Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing and Consumer Centricity.

This video is particularly attractive thanks to its use of the camera; the way it moves in and out of the action, it really captivates viewers attention and provides a touch of candidness. This conference video is not really perfect and possibly not the final edition as it lack many other qualities such as light and action pace. But it really makes an example of how to master camera action.

8. Google: Bay area impact Challenge – Audience is key

Google does not need an introduction but it is important to mention that the technology giant has recently been investing large sums of money on the corporate image. Google donated over 5 million dollars to 10 non-profits to better the Bay Area in Mountain View. The main reason why I have chosen this video is a commercial one rather than a filming style. It is particularly good at addressing the right audience which is mainly the young millennials.

A video should not be only visually impressive but it speaks to its audience. It is very unlikely that you intend to target every single individual with your video, so during the pre-production process, you should understand your video goals and define an audience: aspects such as age, gender, background and interests.

Best ideas to introduce in your conference video

A video to be effective has to be attractive to viewers, most users close the window during the first 45 seconds of video if it is not appealing to them. So it is important to film an engaging and captivating video in order to make the most of your conference. A video well planned and researched will be most likely to be a success. But even if the conference is exciting and full of positive energy and activities, it is crucial to capture the essence of the conference. I have listed below what characteristics a video should have to be attractive and effective.

Best characteristics of an conference video:

  1. Excitement
    Create emotion or an impact on viewers is the most important factor in a video, as the main goal of any video is self-promotion and engagement.
  2. Informative
    A video must be as informative as possible and should contain all the relevant information about your conference or company.
  3. Timely pace
    It is important that all the action and activities displayed on the video are unveiled at perfect timing, this way it creates tension and holds back viewers to watch it till the end.
  4. Multi-camera setup
    A multi-camera setup gives a viewer the impression of being more present at the scene, closer to the action. For modern filming techniques is almost a must, videos without multi-camera setup tend to look slow and boring to spectators.
  5. Storytelling
    Adding a story to the video can also be a great way to increase viewers interests to the action, an conference video can be really attractive on its own where scenes are swapping fast, location is in constant change and music is really vibrant. But adding a small piece of argument, eg a story of how a man goes every year to the same festival, it would make the story more attractive and memorable.
  6. Music
    It is important to choose the right music for the tone of your video which varies depending on your goals and the kind of conference you are filming. Music works well for festivals, holidays or adventure videos, on the other hand, for corporate and work conferences, it would work better more chilled music.
  7. Keep it long enough to be attractive
    If the video is too long at some point, viewers will close the window or switch to another task, therefore you might risk losing your audience and video abandonment rate really indicates the levels of unsuccessfulness. Just keep it to a minimum of relevant information and remove anything that could be redundant. Short, exciting, compelling and informative videos should be your main goal.

Statistics to take into account for conference videos

# 41% of marketing professionals think that conferences are the single-most effective marketing channel
# Most directors and executives believe conferences are crucial to a company’s success.
# The conference average size in the UK take part 258 attendants

At Millennial Studios, we are passionate about conference videos and always aim to create quality products that can also increase customer engagement.

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