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Real Estate Videographer

As technology is advancing faster and faster each year, it has helped us (videographers and video production companies) create amazing property video production for our clients in a more cost-effective way.

Back in the days, real estate video production was recorded on VHS tapes and there were no drones or special lighting other than natural light.

Real estate videos are very powerful and have a great impact on increasing real estate sales due to its effectiveness on reaching a large audience and showcasing a property.

According to Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 51% of buyers found their home online and videos played a powerful role to way to draw attention to listings and generate leads.

# 51% of buyers found their home online and videos played a powerful role to way to draw attention to listings and generate leads
Statistic – Fact

Why should you use video to sell your real estate properties?

Real estate videos used to be very exclusive and only affordable to advertise luxurious properties, those ones which only the one per cent of the population can aim at.

For your inspiration or increase customer engagement in your video productions, I have listed below some of the best real estate videos which we have been inspired by.

Even though some of these belong to competitors, we are always high on appreciation.

I have selected them carefully not only for filming purposes but also for video marketing reasons, this way our clients could see what other Real Estate companies are doing.

Luxury Real Estate Videos Production

1. Bespoke Real Estate – Property Video

Bespoke Real Estate is a high-end firm specialized in luxury properties. This real estate video production showcases stunning properties where light and colour enhancement really highlights the best aspect of this property.

This amazing villa has a pool and more than five bedrooms located in California, it is probably worth more than we will own in our entire lifetime. All their properties are listed on Youtube so millions of viewers can see them too.

2. NextEdgeVideo. Add Narration to Your Home Tour

The main reason why I decided to add this real estate video production here as a perfect example of real estate video marketing is because they added narration and comment to it which provides more information and increase viewer engagement.

By adding narration to the video, users virtually walk along through the property and at same time voiceover information sells the property unique features and those aspects which are not possible to include in the video experience.

3. The Baseball Star Mansion – Real Estate Video

The property below is not only gorgeous but also make you feel like your home is just a box.

I have showcased this one not for the property but for the video itself. Its filming tone os luxurious and looks like something taken from a film or a TV commercial, they really went the extra mile to ensure this luxurious villa gets sold.

This who belonged to one of the stars of Arizona Diamondbacks, it was listed on The Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section for a reason.

4. The Boutique Real Estate Group – Real Estate Videos

Based in California the Boutique Real Estate Group offers luxury homes employs a very invigorating filming style which aims to prompt viewers to actions accompanied by cheerful and welcoming background music that generates calmness and positive feelings on spectators.

I particularly wanted to highlight this property video production because unlike others, they went to extra mile by filming the house, the surrounding areas and neighbourhood. It clearly shows the property and really summaries its most outstanding features.

5. Partner trust storytelling

Partner Trust is a brokerage and acquisition firm which also specialized in advisory services for multi-family, office, retail, industrial, land, and single-family investments. Their Real Estate promotional videos stand out because they emphasize storytelling.

Storytelling has become a vital component of marketing strategies among luxury brands and agencies.

On these real estate video productions, we can see how Partner Trust employes storytelling to craft a unique and persuasive message, videos are the most powerful storytelling tool on marketing and at Millennial Studios, we deliver high-quality stories of Real Estate properties that will successfully communicate to your audience.

Features such as aerial shots and slow-mo scenes help make this luxury listing video a winner.

6. at Royal LePage Real Estate Services

The reason why I have chosen this property video production is that it combines perfectly 3 different aspect which makes Real Estate video more than just a property clip:

  1. 1. The first half of the video provides market context
  2. 2. Introduces a property for sale
  3. 3. Shows the team and the company
  4. 4. Call to action at the end of the video to prompt users to interact

This is definitely not the most technical video ion this list but to me, it is the best of them all it really does what a promotional video is meant to do: showcases the property and company, adds a human touch by including the agent´s presentation and at the end of video claims to action.

That is what makes agency´s video the perfect example at promotion Real Estate properties.

Extra: Redfin Video Explanation for Properties

I have particularly selected this video not necessarily for its technical execution as this is an explanatory video from one of the Redfin agents on how to break down the amount of money that is required to purchase a home.

I stand out this video as I believe in going the extra mile and filming just a property should not be enough, people love the human touch to it, it is easier to remember a face than a brand and for that particular reason, I wanted to post this video as well for its marketing value.

Redfin is a Real Estate brokerage based in Seattle who, along with videos on how to get a mortgage and what to look for on a home tour and a Redfin’s Closing Cost calculator.

We offer real estate video production services and guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price with a luxury finishing. You can contact us on Millennial Studios email address here or by using our contact form.


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