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Social Media Video Production

Social media and digital marketing are orbiting fastly toward video. Recently video marketing has become very popular and one of the modern marketer´s favourite tools.

Nowadays users consume more video than any other format online. Actually, video marketing is probably the most powerful medium for self-promotion and the most engagement marketing format at the moment.

YouTubers are becoming celebrities and most big companies are allocating a big portion of their budget to video and influencer marketing. Big brands that are striving to grow should have a video marketing strategy in place otherwise they will run the risk of being left behind.

But video marketing can be expensive and that is the reason why here at Millennial Studios, we have come up with 10 tips to improve your video production workflow and effectiveness.

Social Media Video Production

1. Prioritise on simplicity and message

Keep your video low budget without sacrificing in quality by shooting in inexpensive locations, but ensure they look professional, just shooting anywhere that looks nice does not mean your video will have a professional finishing.

Also, you should invest on quality audio and good lighting equipment for a better look, when it comes to these two pieces of equipment, it is extremely important you get them right and do no be cheap as they will make your video so much better.

Avoid filming videos without a microphone. Low-quality sound videos have a high abandon rate. If you can´t record good quality audio, it is best to postpone your recording or approaching your project differently.

2. Tell a compelling story

The second most important element for creating great videos is to tell a compelling, interesting and attractive story to your viewers. Stories are powerful engaging vehicles and help build up likeness, emotions.

I have seen how many people make multiple mistakes when it comes to storytelling. Your story does not need to be a timeless masterpiece but it has to relate to your audience.

Below I have listed the top mistakes that will ruin your storytelling :

  1. Do not just be promotional
  2. Avoid excessive promotion
  3. Do not be repetitive
  4. Lack originality
  5. Devoid of tone and personality

According to Paul J Zak from Havard Business Review, good stories release oxytocin – a chemical that leads to a ‘bonding’ experience. Your videos should aim to look to build a connection to your audience. By doing so, your engagement will increase and so will your subscribers or followers.

3. Always add background music to your videos

Musicless videos are not as effective at communicating stories and emotions besides they are boring. Depending on the nature of your video, you might not need to play music for its entire length, either way, background music is very powerful to generate attention and set a tone to your video.

There are multiple online sources where you can find the perfect background music for your videos:

  1. YouTube Audio library
  2. Audio Jungle
  3. Free Music Archive
  4. Jamendo
  5. Soundcloud

4. Obey the 5 second rule

The first seconds of your video are the most important ones to increase audience retention and watch time. It is at this stage when most videos are stopped and viewers switch to either other video or activity.

By creating a compelling and attractive first 5 seconds that sparks viewers attention, you will improve your video marketing metrics. Make sure your plan carefully those first 5 seconds.

Average view duration on YouTube is 70%-80% of the total video length. If your videos are below the 70-80 percentage, you should be rethinking your video production quality and content attributes such as entertainment, relevancy and audience.

5. Multi-camera Setup

Multi-camera filming always looks more professional than just one point camera setup. Similarly, it is easier for viewers to stay more focused on your video with a multi-camera setup as it increases attention as opposed to a boring and dull single point camera video.

If you have to use just one camera point, you can achieve similar results by switch your camera and film from filming from alternative perspectives or change backgrounds and adding transitions.

The more dynamic your videos are, the more interesting and attractive will be for your viewers.

For a social media video, a two-point setup should be a good start and will add a cinematic and professional finishing. If you want to have an edge over your competitors, this filming style will definitely make your videos stand out and more entertaining.

Nowadays, multi-camera production is very popular thanks to the fact that it is actually a really low cost to purchase the kind of equipment. In the video below, you can see an easy to follow tutorial on how to film with multiple cameras.

6. Creative editing style

Use the post-production process to enhance your videos. Implement a creative and entertaining edition would help you have better results. Watch thousands of video and test different video style to see what your content or company better. It usually does not take a long time but it is important you have a plan in mind on what video style and tone you would like to apply.

7. Focus on quality

It is important that you plan carefully your videos after researching and understanding your audience needs. Filming and editing videos are really time-consuming, therefore once you start producing video content, it is extremely crucial that you deliver on quality, entertainment, relevancy…

Your video must be worth watching. Unlike written content such as blogs and books, videos have a much more immediate impact on users eg if your video is bad, viewers will probably switch off to something else in less than 30 seconds.

On the other hands, while reading we tend to stay on task longer than that. For videos to become successful or spread, it can happen very quickly. In just a few weeks, video can become known worldwide.

On the other hand, a book usually takes around years to become known internationally. Stay away from digital zoom.

It makes videos look cheap and gives it an amateurish touch that will definitely put off all your viewers.

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