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Purpose of Corporate Video

Corporate video refers to any type of company video content. Most corporate videos nowadays are hosted online and serve multiple purposes such as company promotion, employee training, video company resources or it could just be a simple promotional video for its website.

Video and video marketing have become extremely popular among marketer and companies today as it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with audiences. Besides, the fact that video production equipment has become cheaper and even our phone can serve to film a simple video.

Corporate video content usually targets its ideal audience or internal staff. Multiple employees are usually involved. There are many examples of corporate video that illustrates the many different usages of a corporate video. Most corporations spend thousands of pounds on video content either for self-promotion or instructional purposes.

I have listed below the commonest ones including – but not limited to-: investor relations, staff training, corporate communications and media releases.

  • 1. Corporate communication
  • 2. Testimonials
  • 3. Investors and shareholders information
  • 4. Media release
  • 5. Staff training
  • 6. Video marketing

Most large organizations use video for self-promotion, increasing brand recognition, or perhaps explaining how a new product work. Video marketing and promotion have recently become one of the favourite marketer’s tools. Thanks to its effectiveness, video has helped corporations to increase their revenue by 49% more than organizations that do not use it.

1. What are the main purposes of corporate video?

There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to creating corporate video content such as more effective communication, self-promotion and prestige.

1. Brand awareness
Purpose 1

Brand awareness refers to the degree of positive recognition your brand or company shares on a market. Most companies are integrating a brand awareness strategy to their marketing efforts today.

In an economy that favours much more well-known reputed brands over newer and lesser-known companies, marketing teams are more focused on building brand awareness than ever before.

Marketing trends suggest that brand popularity would even play a more important role in the future. Corporations always want to stay ahead of their game and are allocating more budget to video marketing.

It takes from 4 to 5 impressions for a consumer to remember your brand and just 10 seconds to make an impression. Brand recognition always grants companies a market share.

2. Improve brand reputation
Purpose 2

In the era of information, news spread faster than ever and brand reputation is extremely important to create a solid and reputable brand name that helps companies acquire new customers and retain their current ones.

There are hundreds of brands and new ones are built almost daily in a market already filled with lots of companies. Video is a very effective format to promote business and successfully introduce new products.

Video is the most effective way to communicate with an audience due to its communication power. By using video to build brand recognition, corporations have more control over the message and generate more engaging than with any other content format. Similarly, when customers recognize a specific brand, loyalty is easier.

3. Commercial showcasing
Purpose 3

Many times, corporate video is intended to be published on media platforms such as websites and social media. One of the main reasons to have a corporate video is to give your company a prestige look and outstand from your competitors.

4. The most powerful way to communicate with your audience
Purpose 4

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads. Today video is not only a great way to communicate a message to your audience but it is also an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Video helps to generate leads and convert more customers than any other marketing channel.

5. Increase engagement
Purpose 5

Video content has been leading the list of most engaging formats for the last few years. Thanks to its attractiveness, video is capable to generate more attention from viewers than any other type of content.

Video and pictures are the most engaging content marketing options followed by text and chat-based communication and marketers are leveraging it to generate more business.

According to Forbes, viewers are 95% more likely to remember a CTA after watching a video, (Forbes, 2017)
Statistic – Fact

2. How to create an engaging corporate video

Video production companies usually create all sort of videos. There are multiple different types of video production among the most common ones, I would like to mention the following: film and Tv, commercials, corporate videos, product videos, customer testimonials, marketing videos, Event videos, weddings.

Some companies specialized in some industry such as fashion or corporate. The reason behind it is the fact that some companies require video agencies to have a certain expertise in a field although this could be helpful, it is not ultimately exclusive. In general, most companies comprise any service among the video production industry.

Nowadays competition is fierce and just creating videos alone might not generate the kind of response you desire. To build a strong and powerful video strategy, this must be creative, inspiring and original.

Creating engaging video content is not easy, but in order to be effective, video content must be powerful, original and engaging, but I have outlined for you 3 ingredients that will make your videos more appealing and create an experience on viewers.

1. Storytelling
average video watch length

Storytelling refers to the art of unveiling portion of your story or set of arguments in an effective and captivating timely manner. There are plenty of examples of storytelling practices that can help you understand and improve your video story.

Do you remember the Chinese viral commercial of a young man? It tells the daily routine of young on his way work. By showing how he is capable of helping everyone along his way, it enlightens everyone´s heart.

Storytelling refers to the feeling by what viewers follow, understand and relate to stories. It conveys the power of stimulating imagination and transporting audiences to an alternative reality.

2. Inspire

Inspirational videos always create more engagement and are easier to remember by viewers. Besides they tend to get more viral increasing.

To Create an original inspirational video, you need to reach your audience emotions, understand their values and find the ones that are aligned with your company. Inspire is more than a contagious feeling, it is always a value every company would love to be regarded.

3. Sparks curiosity

Curiosity is one of the cleverest ways that marketers use to generate attention. By creating curiosity on the first minute of your video, you will be able to generate more attention and increase watch length.

According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the most effective way to spark curiosity is by leveraging the information gap theory.

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