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Travel Video Production

Tourism has boomed over the last three decades thanks partly to the massification of long-distance travel, the affordability of travelling anywhere in the world for an inexpensive price. Since then countries have understood the value of tourism for their home economy and therefore stated to promote themselves to increase the number of tourists.

We all love travel videos as they are inspiring, beautiful and always make you feel wanderlust. Personally good tourism videos make me think how precious my life is and motivated to make the most of it. The main reason why we like to write this article is that travel video can be very powerful and creative which could inspire other companies or organizations to action.

#1. Australia Chris Hemsworth

Australia received in 2015 over 7 million visitors. The country which has lots of attractions to offer, it counts with one of the best diving spots in the world: the great barrier reef. For people in Western countries might be a little bit far to travel to on a regular basis, that is probably the reason why its government wanted to boost its tourist figures and launched in 2016 this amazing commercial featuring the actor Chris Hemsworth. This video stands out particularly as it is one of the few which actually employs a celebrity to gain more relevancy.

This video emphasis all the natural landscapes in Australia, putting a special emphasis on beaches. It also seamlessly integrates other attractions such as the Australian fauna by including kangaroos and sea lions. The storytelling is attractive and message narrated by Hemsworth is very powerful. It combines voiceover, music and exciting images without being arrogant or cheesy.

#2. Visit California – Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you are thinking that Australia went all the way and broke the bank by getting Chris Hemsworth in his 2016 tourism commercial, you might think that California is gone crazy by hiring Jay Leno, Denise Richards, David Beckham and the Governator to film its tourism video. The State which could be the 8th richest country in the world if it was a country decided to make an epic commercial by getting some of its most notable residents in it. This video is dynamic, fast, short but effective. It switches from one celebrity to another in a state known for its Hollywood celebrities and filming industry.

#3. Meet South Africa

Needless to say that South Africa has been pushing to increase the country ́s popularity among travellers and holidaymakers. It has started quite a few campaigns over the last two decades. Africa suffered a lot during the 90s with civil wars bursting in some of the most beautiful safari destinations in the continent. That is when South Africa decided to take a leap into the field. A country well known for its white great sharks, it has lots to offer.

This video represents a perfect combination of storytelling, emotional engagement and creative. It is not only about exotic landscapes and beautiful cities, but it is also about human experiences including an attempt to create a national character. It combines funny moments, landscapes, adventure and extreme activities with a great story.

#4. Egypt, where it all begins

Egypt´s tourism industry has suffered over the past years due to an increase in violence and terrorism, the Egypt Tourism Chamber decided to counteract this trend by releasing a video. It has a cohesive storyline of how the country has “a long story” that spans thousands of years.

Egypt is a well-known tourist destination, world-famous for its pyramids, culture and seas. The North African country has created a beautiful video which stands out for being very appealing and attractive. It manages to shift through all the gorgeous landmarks through a short video of under 1.30 minutes. From scuba diving, belly dancing, food, ancient culture and beautiful seas, pyramids and luxury resorts, this video covers almost aspect any tourist loves to explore in a great holiday. This video aims to go beyond that by aiming to present itself more than a tourist destination but more like a lifetime experience.

#5. Tunisia – The Berber Village of Chenini

The breathtaking images of a former Berber city over a hill manage to captivate viewers attention in the first few seconds. It combines the 4 pillars of tourism:

  1. Breathtaking sightseeing – The Berber city of Chenini
  2. Culture – Seven Sleepers Mosque
  3. Luxury relaxation – Spa
  4. Beach

This video shows both sides of Tunisia: modern and ancient. What is really original in this video is that fact that hired 5 YouTubers and took them around the country best spaces to reach younger audiences and millennials. Throughout the video, these influencers visit 11th-century mosques and souks as well as award-winning spas and beachfront dining.

#6. The scream of Norway

Norway, the Scandinavian country, is not as popular as a tourist destination compared to other countries, therefore its government started a campaign to boost its travelling industry figures. This video is particularly interesting and attractive because of its funny tone which makes it more memorable. At the same time, it manages to feature all the major attractions that Norway has to offer such as gorgeous natural landscapes, amazing fish and seafood and of course, the Scream of Munch. This video employs this world know painting to catch viewers attention at the very end of the video which actually creates a powerful impact. Everybody knows Edward’s Munch’s The Scream, it is an iconic painting and such a universal symbol makes a great country’s destination.

#7. Experience the Philippines

The Philippines is very remarkable for its beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and great diving spots. The country, very popular among backpackers, has lots to offer for tourists looking for affordable experiences. The Philippines does not need much promotion to receive lots of tourists a year but in recent years it has been stricken by a drug issue.

This tourism commercial is bright, lively and send a clear message of positivity, subtly communicates emotions of adventure and happy feelings. I especially highlighted this video because of its slogan “when you are with Filipinos, life is better”. It is heartwarming and very well marketed to tourists. The Philippines has a lot to offer really, paradisiac beaches, amazing food and exotic landscapes at very affordable prices.

#8. Inspired by Iceland

Iceland which has not that tradition as a tourist destination has experienced a massive increase in visitors – over half a million visitors increasing year over year between 2015 – 2016 – according to the Icelandic Tourist Board. Iceland received an adverse strike in 2010 when Eyjafjallajökull erupted grounding lots of flight during the peak tourist season. Iceland most notable touristic spots are natural landmarks, the country is not only famous for fjords but also for Geigers and beautiful landscapes.

#9. Iceland

Iceland again. Iceland urge to increase tourism visitors led them to release a very original video to promote the country as a holiday destination. The Scandinavian are well known for cold temperatures and extreme conditions where winter daylight is limited to a couple of hours a day. Iceland, however, tries to leverage this rather than hide it and in this tourism commercial they feature lots of activities being performed during the time of the year when daylight is shortened and manages to magically and seamless integrated and capture viewers attention.

#10. Japan – Where tradition starts

I personally love this video, it is intrepid and vibrant and it manages to combine those characteristics with all what Japan has to offer including culture, nature and landmarks. I am chosen this video because it manages to encourage viewers to actually visit the country in such a way all the other video can’t. It is extremely powerful. With frenetic music and fast style of filming, it is really well made and appealing to all viewers.

Bonus: Top 3 traveller videos for inspiration

Below I have also posted the best traveller videos, the most creative and original ones to inspire your next tourism video. I must say I am very keen on them and they really inspire us.

1. Watchtower Of Turkey By Leonardo Dalessandri

I have chosen this video because of its filming technique which is fantastic. It is original, inspiring and grabs viewer’s attention from the very first second. Carefully calculated transition and fast changes on the filming style become part of the story themselves.

2. Make it count by Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, probably one of the first actual YouTubers, is vblogger with over 11 million followers on YouTube. This is actually a Nike commercial which the sport brand asked him to shoot for them and according to himself, he ended up using that movie to travel the world in 10 days. The video, called “Make it Count”, is absolutely inspiring, communicates Nike’s values and speaks directly to millennials too.

3. Where the hell is Matt? Matt Harding

The video is probably the most popular traveller video ever. Filmed back in 2008 by Matt Harding, a software developer who quit his job to travel the world has been a great inspiration. The video features 42 countries that Matt visited and their most popular landmark. At every location Matt does his funny dance and some other people join him. It is a simple video from filming technique point of view but it do find it very creative, original and extremely inspirational.

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