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Video Production Services

  1. Stages of a video production
  2. Most popular types of video production
  3. Examples of video production
  4. Production scale / How much does it cost
  5. Video production facts you never thought

What is a video production?

Video production is a term used to refer to the processes and activities involved in the filmmaking process. It usually involves a three-step process: pre-production, production and edition. Wikipedia defines video production as the process of producing video content.

It is the equivalent of filmmaking, but with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock. Video production involves many tasks other than just filming, I have listed below some of the most common activities and tasks involved in a regular production:

  1. Scripting
  2. Equipment and staffing logistics
  3. Location scouting
  4. Filming
  5. Casting
  6. Project management
  7. Editing
  8. Client management
  9. Administrative duties such as filming permits, catering…

Video production aims to capture video content that could be served for television, cinema, corporate or commercial purposes.

Stages of a video production

Traditionally a video production process has been divided among three clear-cut steps: pre-production or planning, filming and editing. Although at Millennial Studios take a five-step approach to the process which is as follows: research, creation, pre-production, shooting and editing.

We like to produce thorough research before we conduct an intense creative process after which we will start planning our locations, filming style and arrange all the necessary steps for smooth production.

1. Pre-production

At this stage, most video production companies spend a lot of time looking for location, planning shoot and understanding what equipment and personnel will be required to shot an amazing film. By planning in advance and an effective filming strategy, a video producer or director is able to foresee potential issue which might affect the process and act accordingly.

2. Production

This is also known a the field stage. At this point, coordination, keeping with timing is vital to ensure that each scene and scenario receives all the attention that requires. Some scenes will be shorter than others, but many times unexpectedly some shoot will delay due to external circumstances or unexpected issues.

3. Post-production

After the filming process is fully completed, we store the raw footage onto a central and secure location so we can access it from any of our machines to state the editing process.

Time to crop, edit and add music and effects. Back in the old days, it was all about removing unwanted pieces of film and literally cutting out of the main picture.

But nowadays with all the technology, the edition process has become very long and it can take up as long as filming. Adding special effects, choosing a soundtrack that matches the tone of the film.

At Millennial Studio, we use the best editing software Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D to produce the best results while we share drafts with our clients to make sure we deliver a 100% satisfaction results.

Most popular types of video production

1. Cinema and television

The largest video production is filmed for video and mass streaming entertainment. This production can go up to hundreds of millions of dollars and involved thousands of staff. We all have seen how long film credits are at the end of a film. For examples, Lord of rings features over 20000 extras, not including crew and actors.

Most productions are recorded for television, series, reality shows, news, talk show… There are hundreds of possibilities.

2. Commercial video production

Commercial video production can be very big too depending on the budget. For example, 2014 Microsoft commercial “Empowering” cost around 8 million dollars.

This video intended to air during the Superbowl, it was so costly because showing the ads at this time was enormously costly to the software giant decided to go all-in – you are going to do, do it right, they say.

An average of 200 people are involved in commercial video productions and usually involved casting actors and make-up artist along with the usual video production crew and equipment. Many directors have made the jump from filming commercials to do Hollywood productions.

3. Internet video production

Some of these productions can be homemade as you can see how many entrepreneurs use their own equipment or just their phone and a microphone to film their video for social media mainly.

4. Weddings

Wedding videos are very popular these days. Most couples like to have a video of one of the most important days in their lives. Wedding video usually involves from 2 to 4 people, but it could go up 6 depending on the size of the production and the requirements of the couple.

This is usually shot in one day but many times there is a second filming day that shows a different side of the couple.

5. Corporate video

There are many options of corporate video such as staff training, investor relations videos or promotional and image video. Most corporate production involves several members of staff – usually from 5 to 10 – depending on the type of video and production size.

Many corporate videos are produced for media resources, usually to be featured on the company’s site to showcase their values and organization.

Examples of video production

Below I have listed four different examples of video production that will give you a better understanding of a video production works and


The world-known marketing tool’s company made a funny and remarkable video whose creativity creates a memorable feeling to viewers.

I particularly feature this video because it is really funny and stands out, it is well crafty and the story is unveiled at perfect timing, it creates a memory on viewers and a positive feeling.

The Hubspot team is pictured as funny, creative and hard-working and this video communicates it perfectly.

University of Rochester

A great example of education and promotion perfectly joined in a video that stands out in a crowd. Watch it till the end. By using hip hop music, this video doesn’t only create a unique tone but also manages to capture viewers attention instantly.


Tesco’s corporate training video stands out thanks to its creativity and daring tone. It is funny, provocative and original. You can read more about Tesco’s video here.

Ikea the power of a book

I love this video because it is a creative genius. It talks about a book as if it was the latest technological revolution giving it a funny and unique tone. This video launched by the Swedish brand in a campaign for the Asian market: Singapore and Malaysia. It was highly regarded by its satirical tone of Apple’s commercial style.

Production scale / How much does it cost

The scale of video production really varies enormously, the size of a cinema and television production is usually huge but for tv commercial teams and crew are usually between 14-50 although some commercials with big budgets might go up to 100 people.

In regards to corporate video, I would say the average size of people involved in the production only should be between 5 to 12. And weddings usually require between 3 to a maximum of 6.

All these numbers are just estimated, there is obviously no limit to the people you can take into video production but it is mainly intended to give you an idea of how many people are usually involved in video production.

Video production facts

Below I have listed some video production and trends that will make see video production in a different way. Video marketing is growing very fast and so is video sharing, platforms such as Snapchat based their success on video only. YouTubers are becoming more popular and video is more and more widespread thanks to the advancement of technology.

With 30 million visits a day, Youtube has become the seconf largest search engine after Google

YouTube is a great platform to start promoting your business, there are millions of active watching videos so it is great platforms to showcase your videos. Besides video marketing keeps growing and companies that will not keep up with it eventually might be left behind.

Live videos are more engaging

Live videos generate more attention and are more engaging than just a regular one. According to x company, x increased their conversion rate by x % just changing something. Events, webinars and interviews are among the most engaging video online.

Pre-production and post-production take longer than filming

Usually, post-production is very time consuming, discarding, adding music and sound effects can take the biggest portion of time in video production. Depending on how long the video is.

Just a single and static camera set up would not very attractive for viewers creating a monotone slow and dull tone as opposed to multi-camera setup where it seems that action is more interesting by giving several points of view and more things happened at the same time.

Video increaseS your chances of ranking on the 1st page of Google by 53 times

By adding videos to pages, you might be doing yourself a big favoUr. As pages with videos on them are more likely to rank high on Google. Video marketing is growing very fast each year and users are consuming more video.

Therefore search engines are placing more emphasis on this. So video can help you get more visitors to your site.

Around 76% of people have visited a company’s site after watching a video ad on social media

Social media is very helpful to help you increase brand awareness but it is actually video what creates more engagement.

Most companies that are aiming to grow and own their share of their market should have a video marketing strategy. Video ads can help you increase conversion and drive more traffic to your company’s site.

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