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Videographer for Youtube

I am a videographer for Youtube based in London however I can film anywhere in the United Kingdom (relocation fee apply). YouTube is becoming more and more popular every day and companies as well as ambitious individuals 

Youtube has become more than a social media and more and more people every day choose YouTube as their desired channel to start their own business. Many have started a baking teaching service on YouTube, for example, others have decided to start a kid channel on this platform and are enjoying great success. 

Youtube great success and a prosperous future

Youtube has become the most powerful social media platform of all time and has helped hundreds to become millionaires and famous.

But its power goes beyond fame and money, it is such a great tool to even start a teaching business or a personal training business by creating a fitness channel that more and more people are seeing YouTube as the path to a new business.

Long gone are the days where brick and mortar were the places to start a business, the digital world is slowly replacing all the high street business ventures. 

Why to choose me as your videographer for Youtube

We make engaging Youtube videos that will help you grow your dream audience.

We know it very well. Not all videos are the same. Youtube videos to be engaging must have certain qualities that appeal to your audience. Moreover, it has to fulfil your viewer’s needs.

For example, a video for kids and children must be well made and knowing all the techniques required to keep them amused and catch their attention through the entire duration of the video as kids attention tends to be very dispersed.

You might also want to make it educational and teach them some basic knowledge appropriate for their age. 

On the other hand, a recipe video can be very straight forward however it has to be effective and it can not be too long as viewers will switch to another video. Today internet users are more impatient.

They want something and they want it now. So bear this in mind while you are filming your recipe video. Similarly, we can help you choose a presenting style from funny and amusing to something more casual and grandma-like for a cooking video.

Why videographers for Youtube are so in demand

Youtube is the second world largest search engine

More and more people consume video each day and the number of video consumption keeps growing. Online video consumption has experienced a massive boom over the last ten years and has created more self-made celebrity than any other format ever before.

Using video to boost commercial awareness among your customers is not only a great idea but also the right one and I am not saying this because I offer my Youtube videographer skills for you but because more and more companies are turning higher budgets to video marketing. 

Why online video and Youtube are a great idea

Youtube keeps growing every year and soon it will become more powerful than Google if it is not yet. Youtube is the second largest search engine and more people are using it like on-demand television every day.

Online video has seen incredible growth over the last few years. Below I have attached the most relevant online video consumption statistics:

  1. In 2020, the number of digital viewers in the United States was 232 million and video penetration accounts for 83.8% of the entire population.
  2. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
  3. As of 2018, average users spend 69 minutes a week watching video online from a computer according to Q1.
  4. 55% is the share of respondents who used computers to watch digital videos.
  5. Netflix now has 139 million subscribers globally.
  6. 78% of users watch videos online every weekly, and 55% view online videos daily. (HubSpot).
  7. 69 minutes a week spends average users watching video online in 2018 according to Q18.
  8. By 2019, video will make up 80% of all internet traffic, according to Cisco.
  9. 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube a day. 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook a day.

If you want to know more about these statistics, you can visit this article on complete online video consumption statistics.

My 10 secrets as a Videographer to grow your Youtube channel

Below I have outlined the ten secrets that make a Youtube video successful

  1. Be yourself, be genuine

Youtube audiences do not turn to Youtube to see what they can actually consume by watching traditional television. Actually, they are looking for something real and genuine.

They want people that are being authentic and feel-related too. One of the most successful YouTuber out there and speaks personally is Gary Vee.

The main reason why he is so successful is that he is being himself. As a business owner, we all might picture a business owner as someone methodic and cooperative however Gary swears while speaking and is being genuine and different from what we all might have traditionally associated to a businessman.

So be yourself regardless of your filming style, this way you will build a genuine and loyal audience. One that feels identified with yourself. Similarly, you will also have a better time while making your videos. 

  1. Create appealing video thumbnails

Video thumbnails are very important. You judge a book by its cover regardless of how fair or unfair, it is but that is the truth.

It is proven that attractive video thumbnails will increase your CTR (for those who do not know what CTR is: click-through rate, the number times is shown to viewers divided by the number of clicks on the video).

For a thumbnail to be effective, it is proven that containing a human face looking toward the title of the video is the most effective way to capture viewers and increase engagement. 

  1. Be funny

People love laughter because it makes them feel good. Funny and humorous videos have a higher number of subscribers and views and the main reason is that they are more engaging and bring more positivity to viewers.

By giving a funny touch to your videos, you will eventually generate more views and gain much more followers. 

  1. Post often but not too often

Unless you are one of those YouTubers that film their everyday life, you do not need to post daily videos.

However, you should post often enough so your audience does not lose interest but not often so they keep coming back looking for more. In my experience as a videographer for YouTube, I would say that you can post at least every week or every two weeks depending on the nature of your content. I have seen the best results by following this rule. 

  1. Engage with your audience

You need to understand Youtube as a social media platform where you are building your audience and the most powerful tool to build loyalty is by interacting with your audience.

It is important to reply to comments – positive ones only, do not waste your time with negativity and anything that does not help you grow.

Another way to build loyalty is by creating community events where you go and meet all your followers. This will help you massively build a loyal audience.

When your followers see face to face and can interact with you, this will trigger an emotional response that will be much more memorable than hundreds of videos.  

  1. Create Q&A
  1. Interview other YouTubers

This might seem like something counterproductive. Why should I show another Youtuber on my channel? Would my followers not go to the other channel?

But interviewing and creating cooperative videos with other Youtube channels you will eventually attract more attention coming from that one channel and ultimately more followers.

It is a complete win-win situation for both of you. So go ahead and start cooperating with other channels and you will see exponential growth on your number of followers. 

What does a Videographer for Youtube do?

As a videographer for Youtube, we can do the entire creative process for you including video edition. However, most of my clients hire me just to film their videos and give them advice on how to set the tone and pace of the video. There are several services I offer:

Filming Package

I will film your youtube video from start to bottom either in one or multiple locations. After the shot process is finished, I will send you all the video clips in high-quality video and you can edit them yourself, hire someone else to do it or do it yourself. 

Filming and editing Package

I will film and edit your video at your liking. This package includes the service above and I will also edit the video for you so you do not have to spend countless hours going around all the clips and adding music and effects which is very time-consuming. 

Full filming process Package

Create original content for you, I will film it and edit it for you. If you need someone to create your entire content and script, I can do it for you.

I work closely with script writers and creatives that can make easy and smooth the process of creating genuine and amazing content for YouTube.

One hour advising package

If you are already set to film and edit Youtube videos for yourself however you need advice and teaching on how to actually film great and engaging video, please contact me and I will give you training on how to make fantastic videos for Youtube. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of video files do you provide with?

Usually, I will provide the highest quality format that can be carried which is a .avi file. At the same time, it is the most versatile file format which allows you to be played and edited in all the computers, even the ones made ten years ago – if that is yours. 

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