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What Does a Film Production Company Do?

film production company works on the process of producing video content for television, social media, corporate promotions, commercial or other media-related fields.

Video production usually is involved in multiple aspects all related to video making such as scripting, location scouting and logistics.

A video production company differs from a film production company mainly by the fact that the latter is exclusively dedicated to producing for cinema or television.

Film production companies usually create all sort of videos. There are multiple different types of film and video production among the most common ones, I would like to mention the following: film and Tv, commercials, corporate videos, product videos, customer testimonials, marketing videos, Event videos, weddings.

Some companies specialized in some industry such as fashion or corporate. The reason behind it is the fact that some companies require video agencies to have a certain expertise in a field although this could be helpful, it is not ultimately exclusive. In general, most companies comprise any service among the video production industry.

1. Film production companies in the UK

On the chart below, you can see the number of video and film production companies that are registered in the United Kingdom.

As you can see, in the last 20 years, its growth has been absolutely stunning by going from about 2000 companies to over 13000.

Main film production media fields:

  1. Online, for online video marketing, such as social media or web promotion
  2. Television, video production companies can cover all
  3. Private

Video Capture system

Currently, most of the video production equipment is record on digital format although there is still a small amount of traditional film recording which is mainly done for artistic or self-promotional reasons.

Nowadays there are several video formats which are common in the industry. Videos that are distributed digitally often is stored in formats such as MPEG, mp4, avi and divx.

2. Roles at a film production company

Every company runs differently and possesses a different managerial style and project management.

2.1. Filmmaker

A filmmaker within the video production industry acts somehow like a director as it is responsible for selecting locations, actors, performance style, soundtrack, all in all, most aspects in film production.

A filmmaker must possess creative thinking, problem-solving skills and resilience.

A filmmaker at a video production company usually does not handle the same amount of work that a Hollywood director does, it involves many similar responsibilities but a small scale.

Filmmakers are usually artistic individuals: creative, sensitive, and expressive. They are unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative.

2.2. Film Editor

To become a good video editor, you must possess a great understanding of storytelling. Along with excellent knowledge of video editing platforms and software, storytelling refers to the ability of unveiling parts of a plot at a captivating pace.

This is what make the post-production process so important as an edition has an enormous impact on the final result of the film.

Experience with After Effects, colour grading and sound software, as well as the latest in mobile, will make you an invaluable asset.

Attention to detail and the ability to think laterally and visually are also important.

2.3. Videographer

Videographers are responsible for filming action, events, interviews or commercial. Their main responsibility is to operate the video camera.

But to become a videographer, you will be required something more than just, it requires creative skills and follow instructions from filmmaker and producers. We have written a full article on what does a videographer do?

2.4. Film producer

A video producer is a key role in project management and communication. Producers are in constant communication with the crew, clients and all the other relevant staff involved in the filming process.

To succeed as a producer, you will need good problem solving and communicative skills as well as creative flair and a passion for your job. Strong attention to detail and storytelling finesses would be very beneficial.

These are standard roles at almost any video production company although some could have a different role such associate producer and producer and depend on the company size, they might have just a crew of two videographers who actually do most of the tasks.

3. Jobs and roles at a film production company

Have you ever seen the long credits at the end of a film? There are hundreds of people employed to work in just a single film. From scriptwriters, researchers to makeup artists and production assistants. Below I have highlighted the most relevant roles at a film production company.

3.1. Scripting

3.2. Planning

Part of a video production company involves planning when it is optimal time to start filming, ensuring all the equipment is being taken to the filming locations. VPCs also need to arrange schedules with crew, companies and if necessary local authorities.

3.3. Location scouting

Some videos are not filmed in studios or at clients premises and in some cases, due to clients’ requests or video needs, video production companies need to film in specific locations.

For those, video production companies need to scout for the appropriate location.

Location scouting then becomes a fundamental aspect of the production, especially for those ones which the scenarios are as important as the main characters in the film.

For location scouting to be cost-effective, previous online research is necessary. There are also location scouting companies who shared with you or scout locations.

3.4. Logistics

Most filming locations happen in studios or at clients’ premises. Either way, it is very important how to send, carry and arrange dispatch of filming equipment. Some companies equipment is huge and possesses large crews, therefore, they require to keep track of equipment and process dispatches if necessary.

3.5. Administration

Any video production company needs to carry out administrative tasks such as payroll, shits, arranging meetings with clients, staff performance reviews…

Most companies have an administrative assistant to handle these tasks for them. I will not make this section any longer as it is probably the least video production relevant but I wanted you to know that a video production company as any other organization requires to

3.6. Makeup

Make-up plays a critical role in professional video production, for corporate, wedding and corporation and promotion video might not be as relevant.

Make-up in video productions is not only intended to make actors or participants look their best but also to avoid shiny skin.

Most companies and videographers partner with make-up artists to offer these services to their clients and ensure the shoot runs as smooth as possible.

Many companies work along or partner with makeup artists and they can easily arrange makeup sessions to fulfil the video production needs.

3.7. Casting

Usually, video production companies work with different casting and modelling agencies as some of their work (not always) might require hiring actors, extras or model to appear in the video.

For small productions, the casting is simple and straight forward but still an experienced actor or model would be important for a final great video.

3. Film production services

I have listed below the main services which video production companies offer, the list is not exhaustive but I have made sure to include the most relevant ones.

1. Corporate videos

In the modern digital world, corporate videos have become very popular not only as a commercial and company’s values representation but also as a means to communicate with web and social media visitors. Nowadays companies are looking to showing their company via the digital channel.

2. Wedding Videography

A rise in wedding videos demand has represented an increase in a wedding videographer. An image speaks louder than words. And a video speaks louder than an image.

To make this short, a video of one of the most important days in your life would become a more valuable memory than pictures. Which is why people are demanding more and more these days wedding videos.

3. Fashion video production

Whether it is a fashion show, brand launch or a catwalk, fashion video production us very well demanded.

4. Video editing

Many companies offer video editing solutions often to other agencies overwhelmed by work, by working with a video production company you ensure the highest level of professionalism and quality.

The editing process of a film is very important and will hold a lot of weight in the success of the video. Creativity, passion and storytelling skills would be crucial to create engaging and captivating films.

5. Drone filming services

Drone filming services have been very demanded over the last few years and the truth is that there is something mysteriously captivating in videos filmed from the sky, the sceneries come to life, they have the power of taking viewers to the location itself.

6. Training video production

Video production companies often offer video training for in house teams or freelancers. Although this is not the norm.

7. Brand video

Much like corporate videos, companies want to showcase their products or brand using video as this is very effective at communicating with audiences and thanks to the internet, it is very cost-effective to distribute.

8. Social media video production

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing channels these days and video marketing is definitely the most effective social media communication channels. Brands and small companies are using more and more social media video production services to reach out more effectively to audiences.

9. Explainer videos

Explainers video were very trendy a few years ago when tech companies successfully introduce them as part of their marketing strategies and filled YouTube and their owns a website with animated explainer videos. Hence nowadays most video production companies are offering explainer video services.

10. Event videos

Conferences, corporate parties, charity or promotional events are many times covered by video production companies which help companies show a more human side.

11. Commercials

Often video production companies offer commercial and music video services, although this usually requires a large crew and expensive facilitate, many video production companies are involved in this kind of services.

4. How to start your own production company?

If you have made this far, it is because you are really interested in production companies. Well if you are really thinking about starting your own firm, check the video below where you would be able to see the step-to-step guide on how to do it and what you can expect.

4. The future of film production

Film technology evolves constantly, from the beginning of this art with the Lumiere Brothers to computerized video animation, the film industry is in constant need of updating and keeping up with the technological advances. Below I have posted a video of what film production is heading to currently.

At Millennial Studios, we can help you plan, film and production your video, please get in touch with us for more information.

For those interested in creating its film production company, in the link below you might find all the information required to start your production company.

Link to start your own production company.

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